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Get Legal Counsel You Can Trust When Entering Into Or Cashing Out On A Secured Transaction

Businesses that are struggling with cash flow sometimes require creative financing solutions such as secured transactions. In other situations, businesses with collection difficulties sometimes must resort to seizing collateral from a debtor. On either side of a secured transaction case, legal counsel is often a key part of the process of protecting assets and financial stability.

Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A. offers customized advice for Florida business owners and managers in the area of secured transactions. Our attorneys’ counsel is effective for your small to medium-sized business, whether you need to obtain a loan or collect on one.

How Secured Transactions Can Give Your Business The Boost That It Needs

You may wonder how to raise your business to the next level, especially in today’s challenging economy. Our attorneys can show you how to achieve your business growth goals with a loan or line of credit that uses existing assets as leverage. By using those assets as collateral, you can obtain financing that minimizes or eliminates risk to your personal assets as a business owner.

Alternatively, if you represent a lender that has made loans backed by a debtor’s security interest, our lawyers will help you recover the value of the loan by taking possession of the collateral if necessary. This option, if it is available in your case, can give your enterprise an advantage over other creditors if the debtor files for business bankruptcy.

Learn More About Secured Transactions And Your Financing Or Collection Challenges

We are interested in hearing about your objectives regarding a secured transaction. We are confident that we can help you protect your business’s bottom line without wasting time or resources.

Schedule a consultation to discuss the most effective ways to obtain financing or collect from debtors. Our business law attorneys are ready to get to work promptly to find the solution that you need. Call 786-600-6940 or send an online inquiry.

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