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Getting Through Bankruptcy When Business Assets And Business Owners’ Finances Are Intermingled

Owners of businesses sometimes combine their personal and business financial lives unintentionally. A common path to this risky combination occurs when business owners guarantee business debts using personal resources. Then, when a company falls on tough times, guarantee claims may surface and threaten the financial health of the business owner and possibly their family, too.

If you are a business owner and your business is facing bankruptcy, then you need help untangling this difficult situation. To discuss your concerns about your personal assets when your business is floundering, our attorneys at Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A. are ready to offer assistance. There are not usually “quick fixes” available in this situation, but our legal team has a toolkit full of strategies that have proven effective for Florida business owner clients over many years. Our lawyers are detail-oriented and persevering in their methods of legal representation. They will gather and review all the underlying relevant documents so that you can maximize the benefits of bankruptcy for your business while protecting your personal wealth.

Talk To Our Team About Your Personal Or Business Bankruptcy Case

Combining business and personal finances may not be intentional, but it can be a creeping trend that leads to a slippery slope and puts an owner’s financial security at risk. Letting business and personal finances become intertwined leaves owners vulnerable in the event of business crises. Business bankruptcy then becomes hazardous for the owner and more complicated.

Our attorneys are here to help you find your way through business bankruptcy with as little harm to your personal finances as possible. Ideally, your business can also become stable once again. Call our Miami office today at 786-600-6940 or reach out to us online to get started devising a workable approach to financial relief for your business that keeps guardrails between your business and personal property intact.

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