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Get Corporate Governance Right And Keep It Going

Entrepreneurs who are ready to put structure into their businesses and position them for growth often realize their need for legal guidance early in the process. There are decisions to make and steps to take that require accurate and up-to-date guidance.

At Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A., in Miami, our business law attorneys assist with all phases of incorporation, including the development and implementation of corporate governance.

Fundamentals Of Corporate Governance

Our lawyers help founders of businesses get corporate governance in motion through the following:

  • Entity selection: Will the new business be a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability corporation (LLC), an S corporation or a nonprofit? Understand the pros and cons before taking irreversible actions.
  • Appointment of a corporate director and board of directors: Incorporators should build plans to make personnel changes as necessary.
  • Understanding tax and liability implications: These issues are the backbones of corporate governance.
  • Writing the bylaws and articles of incorporation: These documents are essential to an effective design of corporate governance, including the rules of operation for the board of directors.
  • Conducting required annual meetings: Our lawyers help corporate officers carry out the necessary protocols with as little or as much guidance as they need.

Our attorneys assist small to midsize businesses in Florida through these and other aspects of corporate governance, including restructuring and dispute resolution.

Turn To Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A. For Guidance In Corporate Governance

For more than 40 years, Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A. has been a reliable resource for incorporators in Florida. Our lawyers help many small to medium-sized incorporated businesses through all phases and aspects of corporate governance. With our help, you can protect the integrity and purpose of your enterprise with well-structured corporate governance.

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