Successfully Reorganizing
Miami’s Small to Mid-Size Businesses

We do not use cookie-cutter solutions to address the unique legal needs of you and your business. Instead, we have a toolbox filled with tools to help your business survive and thrive. We have refined and cultivated these strategies throughout more than 160 years of combined experience between our four attorneys. All the solutions we offer are unique and tailored to your business and your goals.

We Serve a Variety of Businesses

Our experience guiding businesses on a path toward survival makes us well-suited to help an array of unique businesses. We have assisted in the following types of businesses: residential and commercial real estate development, retail sales, hoteliers, merchandise distributors, wholesalers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, physicians, dentists, manufacturers, airlines, restaurants and many others.

We also support individual owners and managers of these companies during a period of financial turmoil. At Aaronson Schantz Beiley P.A., we understand the ways in which various businesses differ and know the importance of taking the time to create individual solutions that pave the way for your success, as well as the success of your company.

Why do surgery if
We can treat the problem with a pill?

Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy comes in many forms. Let your knowledgeable Florida bankruptcy attorneys help you choose the right one.Exploring Bankruptcy Options

Business Workouts

Bankruptcy does not always have to be the default choice for rising debt. We can help formulate new strategies with business workouts.The Basics Of Workouts

Assignment For Benefit Of Creditors

Sometimes, business failure is inevitable, but the business itself can be reborn with new ownership and/or new management. On other occasions, the assignment process may allow the owners to provide a court supervised liquidation process that will limit any personal exposure that may exist.

Learn The ABCs

Complex Business Litigation

Business litigation is not always easy. Our law firm is ready to assist in your complicated business law matters.

Simplify The Process

Business Restructuring and Insolvency

Our attorneys have proven themselves successful in interacting with business owners who need to restructure their companies in order to survive.

How Your Business Can Adapt

Complex Individual Bankruptcy

Personal finances can also be at stake in a business crisis. We can help you separate personal and business debt designed to give you the fresh start you need to rebuild and move forward.

Get Personal Assistance

We Are Prepared For Disastrous Circumstances

Many unforeseen events can wreak havoc on small and mid-size businesses. While nobody can predict the future or the next disaster, our experience has prepared us for the unexpected. We promise you will be in good hands, regardless of the situation that brought you to us.

We have reorganized and restructured businesses that have suffered the financial impact of recessions, industry and demographic changes, political events, modernization, unfair competition, poor management, regulation changes, poor advice and many other factors. If you and your business have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have available procedures oriented specifically to this crisis as well.

We Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

We tailor your issues to the least onerous and expensive solutions. We view our role as much as a friend and partner, as an attorney. We want to work with you and see your business reach new heights. As your teammate, you will gain an experienced lawyer who puts the interests of you and your business first. By contacting us, you can learn more about your most viable and effective options.