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Business Law Practice Areas

Running a business can be tough. And today, running a successful business is even tougher. In fact, many new start up businesses fail within the first five years of operation. Why? Operation costs are high, economics are continuously a challenge, and competition is fierce.

Practice AreasRegardless of business size, product, service, or industry, your business is your all. Your baby. We understand your desire to keep it alive and kicking for as long as possible. But we also understand that sometimes even businesses need help. This is why the legal team at Aaronson Schantz Beiley dedicates their time, effort, and resources to helping businesses during their times of need.

The Aaronson Schantz Beiley legal team is knowledgeable and experienced in the following practice areas:

  • Business Bankruptcy – Regardless of whether your business qualifies for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the legal team at Aaronson Schantz Beiley can assist with any form of bankruptcy.
  • Business WorkoutsA “business workout” is an alternative to bankruptcy. Business workouts involve companies devising new business plans that restructure their debt in a manner that will allow them to meet their responsibilities to creditors while also giving them the opportunity to regain their footing and become productive again.
  • Assignment for Benefit of CreditorsThis is another alternative to bankruptcy that some businesses may find helpful. This is a method for liquidating business under State Court supervision rather than through the Federal Bankruptcy Court.
  • Complex Business Litigation–Business litigation is no easy area of law. This area can involve a variety of cases that require investigations, research, expert witnesses and testimonials, and even a small team of legal personnel, and often involve large cases.
  • Business Restructuring and InsolvencyThis area of business law includes developing new strategies that are incorporated into a business plan. This plan also details targeted goals to pay off debts to creditors, which have been negotiated in a manner that results in new payment arrangements.

Regardless of which practice area your business needs, remember that your business is worth it. The legal team at Aaronson Schantz Beiley understand what your business means to you. This is why our practice of highly efficient, detailed, and understanding attorneys and legal personnel devote all our time and resources to ensure the best possible legal outcome for you and your business, regardless of which area of business litigation or bankruptcy you need. You’ve got great representation on your side with the Aaronson Schantz Beiley legal team.

For more information on the various types of business bankruptcy, restructuring your business, or complex business litigation, contact the legal team at Aaronson Schantz Beiley today for a free consultation. We currently serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, and all of South Florida.

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